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who am I

hey, i'm sam "puffpastri" posti
i'm just some little guy tryna survive in this harsh, harsh world

what is the point of this

so the other day I was thinking "how come the internet is so small these days?"
sometimes it feels like the only websites that exist are facebook, twitter, youtube and reddit
and I think that's kinda boring

so I wanted to return to the days when everyone had their own websites instead of their own social media profiles
and I can also have a place to put stuff (like my modpack) if I ever want to
but also this was just a bit of fun


age: [$CURRENT_YEAR] - 2001

location: southern hemisphere

likes: gaming, sonic the hedgehog, jelly, the simpsons, anthropomorphic animals, my friends, cum

dislikes: microsoft windows, the internet, when shit don't work, physical education, libtards

favourite colour: blue (this one #00798f)

favourite games: counter-strike, minecraft, the binding of isaac, quake live, sonic 06

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i'm also a hypocrite